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bsg_crack's Journal

It's not just crack...it's Galacticrack!
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This is a BSG crack-appreciation community. We welcome fannish creations of all shapes and sizes, as long as they relate to Battlestar Galactica (2003) and are crack. You can post anything including discussion posts, fanart, fanfic, fanvids, pictures/picspams, etc.

"Basically, crack is silly, intentionally non-serious, and has a high tendency to be extremely crazy and unfounded, such as purposeful OOC-ness or playing on cliches, inside jokes, and/or fanon. The term crack probably stems from crack as in crack cocaine, as opposed to a crack in a wall. As in, so horrendously unfounded/silly that only one could have come up with it while under the influence of crack." -- UrbanDictionary.com*

*dionusia would like to lodge a formal protest over this definition, as it clearly does have everything to do with a crack in a wall.


The Muse Crackiope (crack-EYE-oh-pee)

She lives on Mt. Snarkicon and accepts offerings of BSG insanity and Doritos.


01. Respect for fellow members and their opinions/work is a MUST. Criticize opinions, not posters, and please keep it constructive.
02. Please write in full sentences/words with proper punctuation and capitalization. No internet shortform. It's just easier to read.
03. When posting, anything beyond a reasonable size/length should be posted behind a cut. More than three icons should follow the same rule. (How to make a LJ cut.)
04. Fanfiction should be carefully marked according to rating (eg. PG, R, NC-17).
05. No p0rnographic images/manips. Let's keep those to our imagination.
06. Respect the actors of BSG and their privacy. Try to avoid discussion of their private lives.
07. NO SPOILERS for upcoming episodes unless it is placed with a warning behind a LJ cut.
08. No advertising unless included at the bottom of a post which contributes to the community.
09. If you're not a fan of BSG, silliness or crack in general...find a different comm to play in--don't rant about it here.
10. Pimp this community to your hearts delight!
11. Do not EVER insult our patron muse, as she is very sensitive. WORSHIPFUL INVOCATIONS ONLY.
12. If you are not silly now, come back when you are sillier.

Your mods are boom_queen and dionusia. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Our lovely crack header is courtesy of the talented lunar47.